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Laser Dentistry Is Changing the Patient Experience

Dr. Rajiv Motwani and our team are proud to provide the highest standard of care for you and your family. We are also committed to providing minimally invasive and modern treatments through gentle dental laser applications. Laser technology is changing how patients experience dentistry, and makes getting the care you need faster, convenient and far more comfortable. We use advanced laser dentistry to perform soft tissue treatments, eliminating the need for incisions, sutures and a long recovery time. Certified in the use of diode lasers, Dr. Motwani has the advanced expertise needed to restore health to your smile with the latest in cutting-edge care.

Advanced Laser Soft-Tissue Treatments

Laser technology enables increased accuracy and precision in a number of procedures. We perform several soft tissue laser treatments with the advanced Picasso Lite® diode laser.

Gingivectomy / Gingivoplasty

We use our laser to perform a gingivectomy procedure, which gently removes overgrown or infected gum tissue, to improve gum health. A laser gingivoplasty reshapes the gum line to improve appearance.


A laser frenectomy quickly eliminates a tight or short frenum, also known as a lip-tie or tongue-tie. A frenectomy improves eating and speaking abilities, and even appearance in some cases.

Gum Hemostasis and Coagulation

Our laser has a cauterizing effect, allowing for faster cessation of bleeding and coagulation during surgical procedures. This aspect of laser dentistry also promotes faster healing and reduced post-operative discomfort.

Incision and Drainage of Abscesses

We use our laser to effectively and painlessly treat and drain gum and tooth abscesses. The laser also targets bacteria, decontaminating the treatment area and promoting faster healing.

Soft Tissue Crown Lengthening

With laser crown lengthening, we can easily improve the appearance of a “gummy smile” by removing excess gum tissue from around the teeth. Crown lengthening reduces the look of short teeth by creating a better tooth-to-gum ratio, and reshapes the gum line for a more attractive, even appearance.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

  • No incisions or sutures
  • Minimizes bleeding
  • Improved comfort
  • Faster healing
  • Reduced need for anesthetic
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